“ If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. ”
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Genevieve Le Jeune (Buillingual)

Professional Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviour Specialist

Certified CCTA (Canadian Canine Training Academy) & ABC (Animal Behaviour College)

First Aid pet and human qualified

Serving: Downtown, Southeast Ottawa, Orleans, Metcalfe, Limoges, Russell, Embrun, Greely and surrounding areas

Free Training Evaluation

*** Please note 3 - 15 June some delay answering your emails may be experienced ***

Private lessons: Puppy Kindergarden, Basic Obedience, Advance Obedience

Group classes:

Basic Obedience - Starting 18 June 2017, 5pm in Russell (limited to 8 dogs maximum)

Advance Obedience - Starting 18 June 2017, 6pm in Russell (limited to 4 dogs maximum)

Genevieve has always had a love for animals, especially dogs and horses. When she was a child, her first contact with a dog was a German Shepherd named “Copain”,  “Friend” in French who was owned by an uncle. One day she was visiting her uncle and had the bad idea to jump in the pool without her floaters. Copain began barking and jumping in the pool until her grandmother came to get her out of the water. After Copain saved her life, she developed a growing passion for dogs. Genevieve joined the military in 2004. It kept her too busy to have a four-pawed friend for many years but was boarding dogs whose owners was gone on tasks overseas and she was spending her Saturdays as a dog walker at the Kingston Human Society. She enjoyed teaching them very basic obedience and her desire for expanding her knowledge was growing very fast. In 2007, she settled down and decided to adopt a boxer she named Duke. He became an amazing dog and well trained. Her family and friends complimented her on Duke’s good behavior like pee/poop on command, leave food on the floor, go to his bed when told to do so, come on command, no begging, pointing at the object he wants and sit, etc. She enjoyed it so much, she started to become more motivated to become a dog trainer. As a certified Canadian Canine Training Academy dog trainer and certified by ABC (Animal Behavioural College) which is recognized around the world, her knowledge and experience is extremely appreciated by her students. Owner of 7 dogs, she is perfectly able to manage high energy and powerful dogs as well as small dogs. She also uses her pack to help dogs with behavior issues which helps to get results faster. She has an agility facility at home which will help to explore the hidden talent of your little friend. During Boarding school, your dog lives with Genevieve and her 4 dogs, Duke, Zyna, Bella and Diva. They are good motivators to help fearful dogs and teach the house rules. She is First Aid (human and dog) qualified and is fluently bilingual. 


Call Genevieve Now! For a Free Training Evaluation

613-451-3021 or email: genevieve@dogtrainer.ca

The purpose of the evaluation is for us to determine what the cause of your dog's behaviour is, so we can make recommendations on what needs to be done to help you meet your training goals. Because all dogs are not the same, their problems and causes for problems will vary, and so will the treatment, depending on the nature of the dog's behaviour. All dogs are evaluated prior to training to ensure you get the best results possible. This process is quite simple. First click on the Free Training Evaluation and submit the information required. The trainer will review the information to get a good idea of your case.  The trainer will then contact you to make an appointment to meet with you and your dog. When the trainer has evaluated your dog's temperament, you will be provided with a signed copy of your evaluation, complete with comments and recommendations for training.





See what my clients are saying:


Boo-Boo's Story,

When BooBoo reached the age of 13 months, we started noticing some changes in his behaviour. He would bark and growl at strangers when we went out for car rides or walks around the neighbourhood. He became very territorial around the house, barking and growling at visitors who would come into our home. When he grabbed a little girl's arm and shook it (she was wearing a thick snow suit), alarm bells went off: we needed to do something about our dog's behaviour right now! So we looked for a dog trainer in our area. 

We found Geneviève on the Canadian Canine Training Academy’s website. When she came to our house to evaluate Boo-Boo’s behaviour, he lunged towards her and growled. In Geneviève’s initial evaluation, she told us that Boo-Boo’s behaviour was related to dominance and fear. To get rid of the dominance problem, we would need to be more authoritative with him (to basically show him who’s the boss). 

We worked with Geneviève over a period of eight weeks to complete the basic obedience training. After only two weeks, we could already see his behaviour improving. Now that we were leaders of the pack, he backed off on trying to dominate everyone he met. Being less dominant and fearful, he became happier.

Now that Boo-Boo has successfully completed the basic obedience training, he’s a much more balanced dog! We keep on practicing basic obedience every day to keep Boo-Boo busy and focused. We also continue our Saturday “let’s-tire-out-Boo-Boo” walk to the off-leash park and back (1hr45m, including lots of time off leash).

Thank you very much, Geneviève, for making such a big difference in Boo-Boo’s life!

Isabelle and Boo-Boo



Situation: Bella was dominant to the point of barking and lunging at dogs and people.

After Lesson 4, 

While on walk tonight I ran into 8 crazy dogs yapping and out of control aroung Bella. I had a priceless doggie owner moment. Bella sat, let the yappy dog doing their thing and had barely any corrections (2 light). Very proud!! Thank you Genevieve for all the training so far!! C'est officiel Belle est sortable encore plus!




Nelly, ma femelle Border Collie croisée Esquimau Canadien a maintenant 1 an et 3 mois. À la fin mai, je l'ai envoyé chez Geneviève pour deux semaines. Elle allait suivre un cours d'obéissance de base. J'avais quelques problèmes avec ma chienne. J'ai essayé pleins de choses mais je ne savais plus où donner de la tête. Contrairement à beaucoup de personnes, j'ai pris la décision de lui donner sa chance. Nelly était possessive avec ses jouets, sautait sur les gens, détruisait les choses dans sa cage durant mon absence, mangeait les murs, essayait de grimper sur les comptoirs, ne voulait pas marcher aux pieds, ne m'écoutait pas quand je lui demandais de venir... J'en avais pleins les bras disons. Et comble du malheur, elle hurlait et jappait toute la journée. J'ai suivi ses progrès grâce aux vidéos et aux photos que Geneviève publiait. J'ai vu mon chien changer. Elle était moins stressée, beaucoup plus obéissante. Maintenant, je peux aller prendre une marche sans me faire arracher le bras. Maintenant, elle est capable de rester toute la journée en dehors de sa cage sans rien brisée. On se promène sans laisse le matin. Elle s'assit à distance et elle reste. Elle comprend le au pied quand on marche sans laisse. Je laisse de la nourriture par terre et elle n'y touche pas. Je lui donne toujours son kong le matin avec du beurre de peanut et même si elle n'est plus dans sa cage durant la journée, lorsqu'elle me voit faire, elle va s'asseoir dans sa cage et elle attend sagement que je lui apporte. Elle est tout simplement génial. Merci beaucoup Geneviève... On t'envoie pleins de bisous!! A+

Marie-Michele & Nelly




MERCI ! MERCI ! GENEVIÈVE !!!!! Quel changement !!!!..... Il est beaucoup plus calme, Il marche au pied, ne jappe plus, il n'est plus hystérique devant les autres. C'est un autre chien, un Pepper équilibré. BRAVO !!! Tu as fais un très beau travail. MERCI ENCORE.

Bravo ! ! ! Il a très bien répondu et tu as fais du très bon travail avec lui car ça fonctionne très bien. J'ai juste à continuer et c'est excellent. Il est content et il me regarde quand je marche avec lui c'est drôle il n'a jamais vraiment fait cela...lol..... Ce matin nous avons rencontré un gros berger allemand excité de l'autre côté de la rue. Pepper s'est excité un peu mais je l'ai mis au pied, «j'ai dit au pied».. ça n'a pas été facile car il était excité mais il sentait que j'étais là et que je contrôlais la situation, dans l'ensemble il a bien répondu. Je suis contente car autre fois une situation comme cela aurait été hors contrôle.




GENEVIEVE! JE N'EN REVIENT PAS! aujourd'hui je suis revenu de ma marche avec pepper et le l'ai fait assis/reste sur le trotoir en face de mon duplex, j'aimonter les marchent... ça a pris beaucoup de temps car j'ai casser ma cheville donc je marche avec une canne. Je suis entrer chez moi, je suis sortit sur le balcon et Pepper était là à attendre!!! Assis sans bouger. Je lui ai dit "vient" et il a monter les escaliers tellement vite, et est venu s'assir tout droit en face de moi!! WOW!! Je reste à Montreal alors il a écouter malgrés toutes les distractions!! WOW!!!









Nelly (Boarding school) with Duke down/Stay in a public place.



Genevieve + her pack and Kianna (Boarding school)

                   Zina, Duke a their student Piper (Boarding school)                  

 Harley Graduated Puppy, Basic Obedience and Advance. Good job Harley!!       




                                                                                                  Duke Practicing his Obedience in vacation. No breaks for Duke!!                       





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What Clients Are Saying

I have really enjoyed the classes with you. You are a great teacher and I want to thank you for helping me transform Winston into a happy follower and a fun member of the family.
Lise and Winston

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